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Pre-gaming Thanksgiving: Cranberry Chutney & Mashed Potatoes

Cranberry, plum, and ginger chutney: Tart and sweet with warm undertones and a touch of heat

Cranberry, plum, and ginger chutney: Tart and sweet with warm undertones and a touch of heat

I’ve been talking a lot lately, more than usual, which can be a lot on a good day. And it’s mostly about my lah-dee-dah, unhurried approach to my favorite food holiday. It’s less than 10 days away, and I really don’t know why I haven’t stepped it up. I’m hoping that all the blah-blah I keep spewing will strike a nerve and I’ll spring into action.

Just how far behind am I? Um, a bit. I still need to finish the menu, set the timeline, write the shopping lists, and get the final headcount. I can’t finish the menu until I’m done fiddling around with some recipes. And I can’t write the timeline and the shopping lists until… I finish the menu! Now, my mom thinks I’m not really in the weeds – yet. “You’ll get back on track. It’s not as bad as you think.” Ah, the power of positive thinking. Always believe your mom.

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Thanksgiving – the Food, the Parade, the Dog Show, and the Football

The food that fed the family

The food that fed the family

After days of chopping and peeling and cooking and freezing, Thanksgiving finally arrived, and all the preparations gave way to thawing and warming and roasting and serving. As our family was coming in during the day, the appetizers made their entrance, just the ticket to keep everyone sufficiently satiated until dinner. The onion dip with cracked pepper was heated to almost bubbly, we took the chill off the eggplant and white bean puree, and the creamy herb dip punched up raw veggies.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Thanksgiving

Scrumptious sweet potato torte; it doesn't get any better than this

Scrumptious sweet potato torte; it doesn’t get any better than this

It’s been a busy – and productive – week since my Thanksgiving post last week. Since then, my nice, neat dining room with some stacked dishes and serving pieces has turned into Thanksgiving Supply Central. We’ve added wine, a large coffee maker, paper goods, and food from the first trip to the grocery store.

On the cooking side, I’ve finished making the squash soup (and froze 2 large batches) and I made one sweet potato torte (see recipe below) and froze it yesterday as a test. I’ve never frozen the torte before, but thought if I could make it early, it would free up precious oven time on Thursday. I’m going to thaw it tomorrow and if holds its consistency after it’s warmed up, my experiment will have worked, which means I’ll make the other one this weekend and freeze that one, too.

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The Fine Art of Thanksgiving (Thanks, Mom)

Starting to stockpile serving pieces and dishes; a friend for our youngest family member

Starting to stockpile serving pieces and dishes; a friend for our youngest family member

My kids say that if you know nothing else about me, you know I’m fanatical about Thanksgiving. From the time I could pull up a chair next to the stove where my mom was cooking, I’ve been totally enchanted with the pomp and circumstance of this one day. Food, family, football. Did I say food?

Growing up, the production of putting on Thanksgiving was a fascinating home movie for me. I watched mom’s every move – planning the menu at the kitchen table; making a grocery list; pulling out the good dishes, the good silver, the tablecloth. I went food shopping with her, and helped with whatever I could handle. She prepared the food the day before and the day of. It was a traditional menu (turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows, green bean casserole, etc.), and although she doesn’t consider herself a gourmet cook, her food was absolutely delicious and the holiday table looked beautiful.

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