Hello, Out There

Writing this first post is exhilarating to me, because this blog is finally ready for prime time. It’s also a touch intimidating. Kind-of reminds me of the first time I publicly represented a magazine I used to work for. I was thrilled at the chance, but was secretly terrified of uttering a word. I stood before a sea of faces, most of whom I didn’t recognize. On the plus side, I had my speech down cold, I wore my favorite dress, and made the wise decision to skip any appreciable breakfast that morning. However, Murphy’s Law always seems to find its way into these situations. My boss showed up at the last minute and was in the crowd somewhere, and I was seated next to a snarky editor who spoke at many events, so this one was no big deal to him. I feared my talk about establishing rapport and building editorial connections with readers would come out in my 4-year-old high-pitched voice. No pressure, huh? Thankfully, my colleagues said my speech was informative with a dash or two of humor (and my boss liked it), I spoke in my grown-up voice, and I really enjoyed the moment.

Fast-forward to today. I’m exhilarated to launch this blog, but it’s a little scary. I know what I want the blog to be, I have on my favorite jeans as a write this, and the aroma of chicken stock simmering a few feet away is calming. I hope that Fearless Home Cooking will be a place you’ll come back to now and again to catch up on my cooking adventures. As summer is around the corner, I’ll be visiting markets and shops in and around the Philadelphia area, filling a basket or two with goodies, and sharing my finds with you.

Thanks for stopping by for the inaugural post. I hope we get to know each other better, so please let me know you’re out there and tell me what’s cooking in your food world.

Until next time….


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